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Mystism in Bulgaria

Devil's Bridge in Rhodope Mountains

     bTOURISM is going to present you a unique place - Dyavolski most (Devil's Bridge). It is a mystic place, it is a monument of culture and it is one of the best locations for fishing.

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Vampires in the Traditional Bulgarian Folklore

     The westerners have the idea of vampires as horrific creatures, which should be handled by someone like Van Helsing or Blade. However, this is the foreign concept of vampires, which are a purely Slavic phenomenon. According to the traditional beliefs it is a creature, widely spread throughout all Bulgarian lands...

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Masters of Fire

     Myths and legends, ancient beliefs, natural park, 1500-years old Strandja beeches and oaks, an large number of snakes, witchcraft, amazing predictions by the famous granny Vanga about an Egyptian sarcophagus containing a written history of the world, etc.

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